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We Believe Every Child Deserves A Success Story!

At Confidence we believe it is our role to serve as a catalyst to improving young minds and unleash their growth potential with CONFIDENCE in themselves as the key building block. We believe instilling Confidence is the key to unleashing the greatness within each person.   As the ancient proverb states: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Building Confidence teaches each individual how to fish!

Kids in Computer Science

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Kids in Arts Programs

Music education readies students for learning by helping to develop their basic mental skills and capacities. Music instruction impacts learning in the following ways:

Our Programs and Instructors

Our programs and services are designed to create a mental strength and fortitude to “try” in any area, to grow in every area because you feel self empowered.

We support children across several summer and year-round sites. We partner with schools and community organizations to deliver services embedded where children are already attending. The services are implemented by professional and highly-trained educators and volunteers.

95% of our classroom teachers agreed that the music program increases students' literacy, math, and critical thinking skills.
93% of principals rate our music program as “excellent”.
92% of our student are less likely to drop out of school.
94% of our students have an increase in their self-confidence.
  • Inspiring Kids to Try Something New Through ``STEM``

    Confidence STEM inspires kids to try something new through strategies, tools, and methods that connect them to STEM in everyday life.

  • Increase Participant Exposure to the Fine Arts

    Our music programs students learn music theory, music production, discipline, leadership, communication, and teamwork skills.

  • Creating Pathways to Success for Kids

    Confidence partners annually with Microsoft and local business in the Dallas community to present “YouthSpark Live Dallas

  • Expand participant exposure to the fine arts.

    Our programs and services are designed to create a mental strength and fortitude to “try” in any area, to grow in every area because you feel self empowered.

  • Increase Students Academic Proficiency and Performance

    Confidence selects the most qualified individuals who share the same passion and commitment to instill confidence.



A tremendous hurdle for students, is having confidence in academic subject areas and perhaps more importantly, themselves. Students not only struggle with learning disabilities, but also social problems and pure boredom. We want to give children the tools to become the greatest version of themself: confident and resilient with sound character traits.


According to the Texas Education Agency, Texas Academic Performance Report, students across Texas have difficulty achieving academic success. Only 57%, in all grades, met or exceeded progress in mathematics, writing, and reading. More than half are at-risk/qualify for free/reduced price lunch.


American students rank 25th in math, 17th in science and 14th in reading compared to students in 27 industrialized countries (U.S. Department of Education). Of the 1.1 million American students who drop out of school every year without earning a diploma, 47 percent said a major reason for leaving school was that their classes were not interesting


Seven of the ten fastest growing careers in the next 10 years require a bachelor’s degree or higher. Each additional level of education correlates with lower unemployment rates and higher earnings. Employment for workers with Masters, professional, or associates degrees are expected to grow almost twice as fast as the overall job market in the next decade.

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