Our K-12 S.T.E.M programs create active learning environments for students to engage in innovative and creative hands-on learning activities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In each course, students are encouraged to think out of the box, brainstorm new technologies, theories, cures and solutions for their future world.

Game Design Program

Our Game Design program will introduce students to the basic skills necessary for game design. They will study the various games in the industry, analyzing their approach in design and development. The student will explore the processes and art of making game elements like story, levels, sound, user interfaces, and music. This analysis will include an orientation to the gaming market and innovative techniques’ impact on it. Finally, the student will merge all these elements into a functional prototype showing their understanding of the game design process.

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Let’s Code Program CS

In our Let’s Code Computer Science Program students will learn to write and use subprograms within computer programs. They will develop creative solutions for various types of problems as their understanding of the computing environment grows. Our students will also explore environmental and ergonomic issues, emerging research in computer science, and global career trends in computer-related fields.

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Girlz Touch Program

Our Girlz Touch Program enhance girls’ learning in the classroom through engaging activities that introduce important S.T.E.M concepts in a hands-on and informal environment. We invite women who are engaged in S.T.E.M to our program to interact with participants. We provide opportunities for girls to learn from positive women role models in their community.

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Robotic Program

In our Robotic Program, students will design robotics in groups and independently, using industry-standard programming tools and applying the software development life-cycle model. They will learn to write and use subprograms within computer programs. Students will also develop creative solutions for various types of problems as they are learning the world of coding.

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Website Development

Our 6-12th students in the web design course learn first-hand how websites are designed and created, and explore what makes a good user experience. Led by professional web designers, students discover the principles of successful UX (user experience) design, exercise creative project planning, create beautiful visual designs, and bring their designs to life in a final interactive website.

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