Confidence Outreach is intentional about securing holistic success for today’s young people. Therefore, we focus on providing young people free training in the Arts and S.T.E.M. to develop their minds cognitively and give them a roadmap to success. We also offer Life Skills training to help them to emotionally analyze and cope with obstacles or challenges they may face along their journey. In addition, we provide Confidence I.D events to help students discover their personal I.D.

We partner with businesses, individuals and schools to help us reach a wide range of students to make a greater impact in our community to help reduce poverty and academic disparities through knowledge. By offering students these programs, we believe we will be able to help close the academic achievement gap, decrease the high school dropout rate and develop more productive citizens for the community.

However, we can’t develop young productive citizens alone. We depend on financial support from people like you, community changers and business leaders who are ready to witness a positive change in the lives of young people. Now is the time for you to join in the movement and become an advocate for positive change in the young people lives in your community. Partner with us to offer your support today!

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